Day 9: Orchids

Doing some TLC to some box store purchased orchids.

I have a couple of orchids and, I suspect, there will be more to come.  It runs in the family.

The one of the right was a housewarming gift from our neighbors back in October.  After an initial scare it is now doing well.  The one on the left I got last month and I wish that I had taken it out of the crappy non-orchid-friendly pot that it came in because there was water trapped in the bottom of the original pot; not good for orchids.  The roots show some rot and I am hoping that giving it a chance to aerate and dry out will allow it to rebound and flourish.

I’m going to re-pot them this weekend.  Looks like I have yet another hobby in the making!

Film notes:  Made a similar photograph using the Nikon F100 and Kodak Portra 400 film.

Day 8: Records ‘n Ruts

Can I be honest with you?  I am very quickly gaining even more respect for photographers who can pull off a photo-a-day project.  Here I am, only 8 days in, and I’m questioning the value of doing this.

It’s not that I can’t make a photograph everyday; that’s not the problem.  What I fear is having this self-created obligation become a mental roadblock when it comes to pursuing my essential projects.  I think that part of the issue is feeling like I need to make daily entries into this website.  It’s one more thing to do at night.

However, I do find value if I simply use it as a place to document my daily film notes, below.  In fact, outside of the occasional deviation, I will probably focus on pursuing this as a film-heavy project and not worry about posting up daily digital images.  Why?  Because I really don’t like what I’ve posted so far.  In fact, most of those images may not survive once I start to get my film back next month.

So there we have it.  Until I change my mind again and as I continue to find a daily rhythm I will plan to post up daily or near-daily notes about what I photographed that day.  Just don’t look for many images until I get my film back in April.

Then we’ll see what we’ll see.

Film Notes: Made exactly one photograph of my small record collection.  It was a closeup photographed with the Nikon F100 and Kodak Portra 400.

Day 7: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patrick's Day Parade
Rock Island, Illinois leg of the 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Aside from this iPhone shot everything else, and it wasn’t much, was photographed using the Minolta SRT-102 and Kodak Portra 400.

Film notes: A few photos of the parade as it went by.

Day 5: Looking for Geometry

iPhone image of hockey score
iPhone notification that the Chicago Blackhawks won versus the Ottawa Senators.

Managed to make a couple of film photographs today as well as this simple notification that my Chicago Blackhawks won tonight; no, it’s not a screenshot!

Chicago Blackhawks goal
iPhone shot of my old tube TV. It reminds me of what it was like to watch games as a kid.
Film notes: Photographed a stairwell in hopes of creating an image with interesting geometry.  Also did a slow-shutter test in a car wash of a car fragrance dispenser; pretty sure it overexposed and will be trashed as 1/8 of a second seemed to get “stuck” and the shutter was open much longer.  Both photographed with the Rollei 35SE.

Day 3: The Jeep

Today was a “film-only” day so no digital photo to post.

I can report that today saw quite a bit of progress as I continue to get to know what it takes to list products up for sale at Amazon.  I have a ways to go but am hoping to have some fun photo items up for sale by this summer.

Film Notes: Started a new roll of Kodak Tri-x in the Rollei 35.  The subject is a Jeep that has sat outside of the same building for months or years.  Today it had snow on the canvas top.

Day 2 : Last Snow?

Trees and snow
Perhaps it’s wishful thinking but I anticipate that this is the last snow of the season. I should probably get out and look for dramatic landscapes today.
Snow and trees
Another take on the scene from earlier today.

I know a few of my landscape-oriented friends will be out on the back roads today looking for barn and assorted outdoor photos.  If I tried it I’d probably end up in a ditch once I found a place to pull over for photos!

Film notes: A couple of photos of the ceiling being painted. Post status: Film photos to be added.

Day 1 : Daylight Savings Time Project Intro

Snowfall in the Midwest
Though Spring has shown itself in the last month Winter had something to say about that tonight.

The idea of a “photo-a-day” project isn’t new.  Over the years I have been inspired by my peers who have taken on a variety of personal projects ranging from the aforementioned daily photo idea to taking off a year to explore the country or other international destinations.

I have pursued smaller photography projects in the past but it has been a while since I have carved out time and cultivated ideas to re-engage the world I know with my cameras.

I considered a year-long project but I have concerns about my ability to see such a project through.  Also, I didn’t want to take something on that would interfere with other projects including those that help to pay the bills!  Still, I wanted the project to be significant in length and have chosen the time when we switch to Daylight Savings Time to be the window for this endeavor.

Snow and strobe light
Winter’s last hurrah for Winter 2017. I hope.

Originally conceived to be a “strictly-film” project I have decided to make this a hybrid-image project using both digital and film images. Photographing digitally allows me to begin posting today while using film will afford me the opportunity to revisit posts and update them as I receive scans back from the lab every 30 days or so.

This also is going to be a vehicle for daily writing and an opportunity to write about things that maybe have nothing to do with photography.  In fact, that’s how I suspect most of my posts will read.

Like a diary without all the teenage angst.

Film Notes: Created a photograph with the Nikon F100 of my dogs who found a sliver of sun on the carpet while I watched the Blackhawks v. Wild game on NBC.