Day 28: Hostas again

Hosta plants
More Hosta plants

I know, I’m getting lazy.  Life is keeping me from really doing some serious photography.  That said, I do enjoy being able to go back a few weeks and see the progress of these plants.

Day 24: Davenport Riverview

We had a day with the kind of clouds that make me smile!  I carved out some time this early evening to break out the Rollei and make a few black & white photographs on film.  I worked to feature the “dramatic” clouds against the late sun shining on downtown Davenport, Iowa as well as a few featuring the Village of East Davenport.

I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing them!

No digital today.

Day 20: Fiddler Bourbon Whiskey

ASW Distillery Fiddler Bourbon Whiskey
Lighting test with a bottle of Fiddler Bourbon Whiskey from ASW Distillery in Atlanta, GA.

To the right is a section of what was once my grandparents’ hanging lamp from Hawaii.  It is soon to become a pot for an orchid.

Film notes: none.